How To Bend Words

im going to teach how to bend words with help from eminem
and rap genius.

Bending Words

Bending words are a variant on assonance, in which a rapper “bends” a word (pronounces it in an odd way) to create a shared vowel sound between two words that, when pronounced normally, have similar — but slightly different — vowel sounds. This is a common technique among southern rappers, who naturally pronounce words in a way that sounds “odd” to the Northern ear. Take this verse from Lil Wayne off “I’m Blooded”, where he pronounces “thing” (in reference to repping Bloods) as “thang”, so it rhymes with “gang”:


About don't sweat the technique

my name is ronnie i love rhyming im a rhyme anlalyst i love hip hop i love everybody from makaveli to rakim if u like rhymes just hit me up on any of my messengers.
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