Big Punisher Was A Beast

rip big pun he was a beast
with the multi syllable rhyme style
he is easily a top 5 mc.

I ain’t a player, I just fuck a lot
Jump on top of my dick and work them hips, until I bust a shot
It doesn’t stop, I’m only beginnin I’m bonin your women
While you home all alone, I’m blowin up in em
Sendin them back to you, mad at you
Don’t catch a motherfuckin attitude
I’m just showin you how this rapper do
Capital Punishment, when I’m up in it, suckin it
Bustin it out, nice blouse, let me unbutton it
You’re fuckin wit King Papi Chulo when knockin culo
Pop your mulos out the socket tryin to ride with the sumo
You know my rise is high, word I be drillin em
Bitches be tryin to ride but the current be killin em
Fillin em with the cash, my cheese premium unleaded
Come get it, first wreck the ton, then let the Pun hit it
Split it in half, watch the gas, baby take a bath
Be good, I might put away the wood and give you the mustache


About don't sweat the technique

my name is ronnie i love rhyming im a rhyme anlalyst i love hip hop i love everybody from makaveli to rakim if u like rhymes just hit me up on any of my messengers.
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